In-Step Designs, LLC is dedicated to creating custom choreography and drill design for pageantry art ensembles.  With over 18 years of teaching, marching, and design experience, ISD can help deliver a complete product that is smart, unique, and exceptionally effective.  

Whether you need staging for a 5 person indoor color guard or a 200 member corps style field show, the same attention to detail is given to each of our clients. 

Our Story

Owner, Bryan Hirschmann began his drill design career 11 years ago in much the same way most drill designers find their way into the business... he needed good drill.  After receiving some questionable dots, it was clear that new pages were required for his program. Bryan dug up a french curve set, started making his own interval rulers, and the rest (as they say,) is history.  

Bryan was very fortunate that his early designs received criticism from some of the East Coast's best designers and adjudicators.  Weekly, his drills were evaluated by Marc Sylvester (Cadets and Blue Knights), Jeff Sacktig (Cadets and Carolina Crown), Bobby Jones (Crossmen and Cadets), Jim Shade (WGI) and Rich Templin (Cadets2).  All individuals provided invaluable insight in regards to integration, pacing, visual balance and generating effect.  

While Bryan may no longer hand-jams dots onto drill pages, he still takes pride in the fact that he cut teeth in the same manner as many of the best drill designers before him.  Being able to visualize future pages before they are input into the computer allows for designs that look and feel fluid.  As such, ISD takes a member first approach which provides drills that are achievable and highly effective.